Bounty Hunters Blog

Dear All  Bounty Hunters,

First of all I would like to introduce my self . My name is Abdul Raffey and I am project director of Fiancia . I would like to share some details and decisions about bounty project of Fiancia.

I would like to thank you first to all the bounty hunters who participated in the project and helped Fiancia to advertise more. We really appreciate the great effort of bounty hunters. Those who participated in the bounty  campaign are the real assets for the company who created the good will for Fiancia.

We had received the overwhelming response of the bounty hunters with more then 15000 applicants. So we created a separate department for them to serve better and count their stakes on the source sheets.

We noticed  that a lot of bounty hunters tried to misuse the campaign and made the huge number of fake entries into the source sheet. We identified some of them are controlling by one person more then 10 to 15 accounts. So the management took some harsh decisions about it.  So they can control the fake bounty hunters who are trying to misuse the bounty campaign and others names.  The management have decided that they will not disburse the FIN coins to them. If they will give the coins like this to all then there will be issues with the FIN coins value in future. More FIN coins will be floated in the market without having value growth. So Fiancia will again face issues from the investors who had trust on Fiancia and invested their hard earned money in pre sale. So they really had a trust on Fiancia and we don’t want to lose our real investors. They have the first right because they invested the amounts to support the project.

Now we will discuss that how the management decided control it. The management decided to ask all the bounty hunters to participate in the ICO with minimum of 0.1 ETH to support the project and complete the KYC process this way.

Why Fiancia asked for contributions from Bounty hunters . The reasons are below .

Only those will participate in the project ICO who are real persons and remaining will be eliminated. So we will have sorted list of real bounty hunters who really have the right to get FIN coins.  The real bounty hunters should not be reluctant to participate because after the sorted list each bounty hunter will be able to cash out minimum plus 500 USD equivalent FIN coins against just 40USD (0.1 ETH) contribution.  Now rest is on them.

Please note that 20 April 2018 will be the last date of contribution for bounty hunters.

We are in process of main sale. We are receiving the contributions from investors also. But the drops can make the sea. All knows well that TV channel it self is a big project.  And every project needs feeds.

We are not trying to scam any person we know the people already have mentioned at BTT but management don’t notice these things because they know that they want to allocate the FIN coins to real persons only.  And they are on the right path. And they will walk on it.

We appreciate and thank full to those bounty hunters who already have contributed in the pre sale and main sale to support the project.

Please Signup at to access your dashboard for contributions.

Thank you for your time and understandings.

Please feel free to ask any question if you have  . please email us at below

Thank you

Project Director

Abdul Raffey