A Revolutionary
Copy Trading Platform &
Crypto News TV Channel

More than 3000 crypto currency pairs to trade At one place with user friendly & innovative trading terminal by social network investment strategies

Crypto news TV channel to keep viewers updated with happenings In the world of Crypto Market & Blockchain Technology



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A Revolutionary Global Platform for Copy Trading

More than 3000 crypto currency pairs to trade At one place with user friendly & innovative trading terminal. Where Traders & Investors can trade crypto currencies online in a simple transparent and more enjoyable way by using social network investment strategies of copy trading.

Dedicated TV Channel for Crypto Currency

First Crypto news TV channel worldwide dedicated for breaking news , debates by crypto currency market leaders, financial data on all crypto currency pairs, blockchain & decentralized technologies news 24/7. Live streaming on all the broadcast satellite networks and devices

Copy Trading Terminal

User Friendly Terminal

Fiancia ensured the user friendly trading terminal for traders and investors to manage and execute the trading activities under and algorithmic trading system

Potential Profits

An opportunity of potential profits for the traders and investors. Trading along with professional traders will help to gain massive profits that no other online terminal offers .

Risk Management control

The terminal is designed with special technical tools like PHA , HACCP and FTA to control the risk for investors to avoid any potential loss and manage the risk at single click .

Massive Commissions for Pro Traders

Pro traders will be able to cash out hefty profits from terminal. Fixed monthly payments will be offered based on the ranks of the pro traders.

Crypto News Portal

The crypto news portal will show the updated crypto market and blockchain technology news along with predictions & analysis of crypto market leaders.

Social Network Investment

The terminal will play a dynamic role where traders and investors will share the their trading experiences and strategies by using social network investment strategies.

Why choose Fiancia

Fiancia introduced a fully controlled, reliable and user-friendly copy trading system that can cover at the maximum their business needs and level of expectations .The growing impact of crypto trade across the corners of the world is enormous and such aspect has brought attention of Fiancia in a very effective and profound manner.

Investors will also be able to pocket hefty profits and returns owing to advent of such prolific and unique system having access to more than 3000 crypto currencies at large

The terminal will provide opportunity to investors to benefit from experiences of most skilled and competent traders and in this manner achievement of aims and objectives become comfortable and effective

Easy control and facilitation in terms of personal control regarding trading in crypto currency

A social network connection where all stakeholders and groups in particular investors and traders can share their views, news and suggestions for collective interests and also building of sound linkage among all of the relevant parties and entities.

Assurance of fast Withdrawal Processing system at terminal by using Fiancia Visa Cards , Merchants and Bank wire without any consideration of limits.

Crypto Business News TV Channel

Fiancia Limited is looking forward to launching a special TV channel dedicated to cryptocurrencies. This state of the art channel would be one of its kind. The internet has changed the world in so many ways that we can't even count. Every time when it appears that internet has reached to its pinnacle a new technology appears to stun the world and cryptocurrency is one of them

First 500 Subscribers will get free life time subscription


"Our vision is to be the most efficient,reliable, authentic, accurate and trusted TV channel in the world."
Our Core Values
  • Excellence:
    promoting and encouraging excellence with the help of rigor, creativity, pragmatism, and innovation.
  • Accepting Responsibility:
    Fulfilling our obligation to stakeholders, society and all people
  • Integrity Responsibility:
    To stay honest in all interaction and ensure the highest level of ethical standards in reporting and broadcasting.
  • Accountability :
    Accepting the consequences of actions and activities for the betterment of all stakeholders.
  • Accuracy:
    Providing accurate information without altering it
  • Authenticity:
    Providing authentic information after verifying it from reliable sources so that people can trust our services
World's first dedicated TV channelfor cryptocurrency & blockchain technology only
Fiancia TV channel will be accessible in more then 180 countries around the globe.
IOS & Android app for all devices to watch the online streaming any time any where.
Crypto currency news, broadcasts, blockchain technology and alot more about crypto at one place

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